The Brown Bear Exhibit is home to two Alaskan Brown Bears and two Arctic Foxes. This exhibit incorporates a 42,200-gallon exhibit pool for the Brown Bear exhibit. Fish and the Brown Bears can be viewed below the water surface.From the same viewing window the Bears can be observed as they explore the other land features of this exhibit.

 Through Thomas & Marker, Aquatic Environments worked closely with the Columbus Zoo staff to ensure their entire husbandry needs were addressed during the design phase. As an example of animal enrichment, the Zoo staff requested the LSS be capable of adding fish to the aquatic portion of both exhibits.Incorporating fish into a mammal exhibit shows the need for innovative LSS designs that can facilitate a more natural habitat that provides animal enrichment. This was accomplished while keeping to the original LSS budget.

During the construction phase Aquatic Environments coordinated the workflow and phasing of the LSS installation with all other building trades to provide a fully integrated and functioning LSS. Cooperation between Aquatic Environments, Thomas & Marker and other building trades was essential in terms of both the budget and the timely completion of a successful project.

 Aquatic Environments attended daily construction meetings, which facilitated an integrated approach to a complicated installation involving multiple building trades as well as the habitat fabricator. The pool skimmers and LSS piping that connected to the exhibit needed to be carefully coordinated to achieve the LSS design parameters while allowing the habitat designer and the fabricator to conceal these components from the public view.

 Aquatic Environments attended weekly meetings with the general contractor and Zoo staff to maintain a proactive approach to providing a complete Life Support System that would meet the rigorous needs of the Zoo staff, and ensure a successful project.

 During the design phase for the Polar Bear Exhibit, a 7,600-gallon water feature was added as habitat enrichment for the Polar Bears. Aquatic Environments took on this complicated additional scope, which required additional complex engineering to achieve this critical new exhibit feature. A key advantage to working with Aquatic Environments, with over 25 years experience in the LSS industry, is that we understand that all the needs of the facility are not always fully understood until after the work has begun. Our flexible approach allows for changes in scope while keeping change orders to a minimum. Often these changes result in no additional cost to the client.

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