The New England Aquarium assembled an exhibit design team that included aquarium staff from their design department and outside consultants. Aquatic Environments attended weekly meetings and initially daily meetings to develop the tank and habitat design in conjunction with the high turn over requirements for a heavily loaded touch tank. During this design process the Skimmers and Life Support System supply lines were hidden from view of the visitors.

 Aquatic Environments Life Support design was reviewed by Husbandry staff to ensure the design met with strict water quality parameters:

1)The LSS would provide enough Bio capacity for a heavily loaded system.

2)The system would deliver proper degassing and adequate oxygen levels for the animals.

3)The LSS system would provide capacity to mitigate the degradation caused by visitors putting their hands in the water.

4)The system would provide temperature controls and a cooling system.This was added after the project began.

 New England Aquarium facilities reviewed our LSS design to confirm the LSS met the following site limitations:

         1)The LSS components fit into the limited space available for the equipment in their existing facility.

         2)The LSS components were compatible with available power.

         3)Pipe runs needed to be confirmed to supply the design flows from the old building basement to the new exhibit in the West Wing of the facility.

         4)The piping runs and the required coring to breach walls between the two buildings did not compromise the structural integrity of the buildings.

 All of the above is an obvious process for any LSS project but at the New England Aquarium special care was required given the older structure that had particular limitations. The building structure and limited space for LSS required creative ways to fit all necessary LSS components into the building.

 During the phasing of the LSS installation it was discovered that the existing physical Bio Filter structure needed extensive remediation to ensure its structural integrity. Aquatic Environments revised the construction/installation schedule to keep the project on track and completed on time for the advertised public opening.

 Aquatic Environments adjusted its scope to rebuild the existing Bio filter to fit in the modified space and to enhance the Bio Filter capacity upon the client’s request. We did this while keeping to the same completion deadline.

Custom-built Protein Skimmers were provided by Aquatic Environments to provide maximum capacity while fitting in the limited LSS space. The New England Aquarium has used Aquatic Environments Protein Skimmers exclusively since their development.

This exhibit was opened during April vacation week in Boston, which gave little or no time for slippage in the installation schedule.Early reports indicate that every water quality target was met and the system is performing as designed. The challenges of designing and installing LSS in an older existing structure require a skillful LSS contractor that has the capacity to employ an innovative and creative approach.

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